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Congratulations to Crystal Gorden and Mary Beth Harris-Murphee, our 2007 Harvest with the HANNAs contest winners chosen among thousands to witness the magic of Harvest at HANNA Winery & Vineyards.

The winners toured HANNA’s vineyards, tasted their award-winning estate-grown Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon wines, and accompanied Winemaker Jeff Hinchcliffe on a tour of HANNA’s production facilities, learning first-hand about the art of winemaking.  The weekend was capped off by a bountiful harvest lunch with Chris and the winery staff.  Oh, and let’s not forget that our winners actually lent a hand (or a foot, rather) in the winemaking festivities by stomping some grapes!  It was a magical and unforgettable experience – enter now for a chance to win Harvest with the Hannas yourself!

Mary Beth Harris-Murphee's Winning Essay:
"My husband and I first visited the wine valley in 2002 when he surprised me while there by asking me to marry him.  He planned to ask me during a hot air balloon ride over Sonoma but the weather did not cooperate so he asked me later that day at a local winery instead.  We celebrated by buying several bottles of our favorite wines to send back home and we drank our last bottle from that batch on our honeymoon.  Our visit to Sonoma was such a wonderful and fun experience and the wine country has held a special place in our hearts since then.  I have such fond memories of the vineyards in the California wine valley that I still celebrate the most joyous moments in our life with a nice bottle of wine from that region.  Last time I visited Sonoma, I returned home to our small town in Texas and started a wine tasting group with our group of friends.  It started with just 8 of us but grew to over 20 members very quickly.  Now we meet monthly and always explore a different varietal or region.  We enjoy wines from all over the globe though wines from Sonoma will always be our favorite, both for their terrific complex flavors and for the memories we have made in the wine country over the years."

Crystal Gorden's Winning Essay:
"Within the past couple of years, my family has begun trying wines from different regions in California.  Of those, Hanna is by far our favorite.  Ultimately, though, winning the “Harvest with the Hannas” contest would be meaningful because it would allow my parents the chance to experience wine country.  Both my mother and father are extremely hardworking and rarely take vacations or have the chance to relax and be pampered.  They have always been concerned with helping my sister, now a young professional, and me, a student, get through school and start our lives, that they have neglected their own comfort.  I would hope to win so that my parents could spend time together and with our family, enjoying wine country and each other’s company in one of the most beautiful places in the country."